Managed IT Services

Managed IT support (On site & remote)

Leave your IT infrastructure in our hands. We will manage your network, IT infrastructure, security, day-to-day services and much more by providing services both remotely and on site.

Proactive hardware & software monitoring (Failure prevention)

Utilizing custom developed hardware & software monitoring tools we are always on top on your IT infrastructure and get problems solved before you even notice them.

Back-up & disaster recovery

Ever lost your valuable data? We offer on-site and cloud-based back-up solutions as well as disaster recovery services incase information was lost or stolen.

Cyber Security

Protecting your network is a must to have service in today’s world. We utilize industry proven tools to make sure you are protected against theft and systems downtime caused by cyber-attacks.

Cloud Service

No more keychains or changing locks! Electronic door access control security system provides the most efficient and convenient way of securing your property.

Infrastructure and Advanced Network administration

No more keychains or changing locks! Electronic door access control security system provides the most efficient and convenient way of securing your property.

Email services

Utilize professional tools when it comes to email services. We will offer you email solutions based on your needs and will guarantee best price in the market.

At 24/7 Network Service, we understand that every business is different and that there is no one-size-fits-all IT solution for the business world. We provide free initial consultancy services to devise an IT solution which will be a perfect fit for your business. Our Microsoft and Cisco-certified technicians are some of the best in the industry, and their priority is to resolve support requests quickly and painlessly. 24/7
Network Service’s Managed IT Services can include any of the following:

Workstation monitoring & support:

Workstation monitoring is a core service demanded by virtually every business we serve. When workstations crash, run slowly, or become infected with viruses or malware, this can compromise employee productivity and in some cases the entire business network. Employing a comprehensive workstation security and monitoring solution is the first step to securing most business networks. We employ comprehensive solutions which monitor workstation health and provide complete anti-virus / anti-malware protection. When issues arise, we are made aware immediately and are often working to resolve any problems which arise before they disrupt normal business operations.

Server monitoring & support:

When workstations are running Windows operating systems, a Windows Server can be employed to expand the features of the business network in a virtually limitless number of ways. Group Policy can be configured to control which Windows features users have access to on their workstations. Folder redirection can be configured to ensure all workstation data is stored on a backed up network share. We can configure your Windows network and features to the limits of your imagination.

Besides Windows servers, our firm has no allegiance to any particular operating system, and free / open-source software can often provide rock-solid solutions at a fraction of the cost of Windows-based solutions. For most projects we employ Linux or BSD servers for web servers, file servers, phone systems, and web application development as the cost for licensing, maintenance and security is often lower than for solutions built using Windows software.

Since servers often provide the technological backbone for business networks, proper monitoring and support is essential. Our comprehensive monitoring solutions include uptime monitoring, disk monitoring, database monitoring, server health, and more. We are made aware proactively of issues like failing disks and spikes in CPU usage and can usually resolve problems before they disrupt business activities.

Managed security / firewalls:

Security for business networks consists of several components. The entire business network should be protected by a firewall – either a traditional firewall or more robust UTM solution. Servers must be locked down properly, for example ensuring security updates are applied and that permissions are configured to lock out hackers from accessing sensitive parts of the file system. Workstations should be protected by comprehensive anti-malware and anti-virus solutions. When you have all of these basis to cover, it’s essential that you choose a firm which understands security.

A comprehensive managed security solution begins with a network firewall, either a traditional firewall or UTM (unified threat management) solution for more comprehensive end-user protection and productivity management. 24/7 Network Service has worked with most popular firewall solutions, including monowall, MicroTik, PFSense, SonicWall, Untangle and more.

Server security is the next thing to consider. Public facing servers (web servers and phone servers for example) should be isolated from the rest of the network as they face more security risks. We employ intrusion prevention system to automatically prevent any attacks which may be underway, and we apply security updates and server security best practices to ensure that everything is locked down when intrusions are attempted.

Workstation security is the last piece of the security picture, and it is not one that should be taken lightly. An infected workstation can lead to an entire office network’s data being locked down by ransomware. For maximum, we recommended comprehensive anti-malware and anti-virus software installed on each machine as well as a network-level firewall as an extra layer of protection. Virus / malware definitions are updated automatically, ensuring your users are always protected. And in the event threats are detected, our managed systems notify us immediately.

Back-up & Disaster Recovery:

Just like every business’ IT situation is different, every business’ BDR (back-up & disaster recovery) situation is different. Storing certain data in the cloud or off-site may present compliancy issues. Depending on how essential the data is, local back-ups may be sufficient whereas for more mission-critical data offsite back-ups may be advisable. The first step to designing a comprehensive BDR plan is for us to understand how your business uses its data. From there we will design a plan spec’d to your business’ needs for performance, accessibility and fault tolerance.

24/7 Network Service has experience deploying both on-site and off-site back-up solutions. We can have your back up entire hard drives, or we can back up only new and modified files within specific directories. Data can be recovered from one day ago, one week age, one month ago or more depending on back-up configuration and available disk space.

Network cabling:

For new construction or existing offices looking to expand their operations, 24/7 Network Service provides comprehensive network cabling services. Network cabling jobs businesses have called on 24/7 Network Service for include:

  • Complete cabling solutions for new offices.
  • Cabling expansions to install access points to improve WiFi coverage.
  • Long cable runs for camera surveillance systems, including outdoor runs.

One of the more sophisticated cabling jobs we’ve been hired for was for an IP surveillance system to monitor an international shipping operation encompassing several acres. If you can imagine it, we’ve done it before or handled a similar job!