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Custom System Design


Access Control


Video Surveilance




Managed IT Services


Network support

When your network fails, your business stops. We monitor your systems to prevent issues before they even arise. If an outage does happen, our team is there 24/7.


We evaluate your current phone systems and provide custom solutions. Our services include VOIP systems, which are known to cut costs and increase productivity.

Video surveillance

You and your team work hard. Let’s protect your property! Our video surveillance solutions range from a simple single-camera design to a complex multi-camera system.

Custom system design

We provide complete design services and turnkey system solutions for your environment. Think of it as services and infrastructure based on your growing needs.

Key card security

No more keychains or changing locks! Electronic door access control security system provides the most efficient and convenient way of securing your property.

Trucking business solutions

We make sure your trucking business runs smoothly… one cable at a time. Comprehensive services include pathways, spaces, hardware, structured cabling and optical fiber systems.

About Us

24/7 Network Service is a privately owned Network Systems, VoIP Solutions, and Integrated Data Services Company.

Established in June, 2006, 24/7 Network Service is headquartered in Oakbrook, IL. Main areas of expertise include network architecture, design, implementation, 24/7 monitoring and support, as well as VoIP business class solutions. 24/7 Network Service employs 12 full-time network support professionals in two continents. The Company serves clients in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Lithuania, and other European Union countries to deliver the highest quality Network, Voice, Data and Video Surveillance products for businesses and consumers at the lowest possible rates, 24/7.


Knowing that 24/7 Network Service has our back allows us to focus on running our business. Since they took over our network support, we’ve experienced fewer outages. Their customer support is top notch too!

Our company has almost 100 phones lines, so our savings with VOIP system installed by 24/7 Network Service are easily thousands of dollars a year. We’re very satisfied with their team and would definitely recommend their company.

Tomas Paterson

Top manager

24/7 Network Service takes care of our telephony, network, software… pretty much every technical aspect of our transportation business. As the owner of the company, I leave my office and eventually go to bed knowing that my business is in good hands. They literally work as I sleep…

Andre Scott

Media Buying Specialist

A shout-out to the best team in town! Throughout the years, they helped so much. We had a situation where some data got lost and they recovered it. They have secured our premises with surveillance cameras and installed super neat key cards in our office. I think they are more than just a network service. They are the IT team you want to have on your sped dial!

John Pierce

Content Specialist

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    Datacenter migration

    Datacenter migration

    Client: Major global financial services provider, headquartered in the United Kingdom.

    Scope: Datacenter migration. Collaborated with other teams in order to provide seamless hardware migration to the new datacenter. Some of the technological solutions used in the process: Cisco/HP networking switches and Cisco UCS/HP Blade enclosure interconnects.

    Network design, implementation and configuration

    Network design, implementation and configuration

    Client: A satellite factory in Lithuania operated by one of the world’s largest family owned companies.

    Scope: Redundant internal network configuration incorporating Cisco core and management switches and multiple to one wireless connections between main and other buildings.