Phone systems

Most competitive pricing

Why overpay for your business phone service when you can get full feature phone system at a fraction of regular market price.

PBX features

Unlimited possibilities with tons of unique features will allow you to customize our phone system to fit your needs.

Customized voice solutions

Absolutely everything is possible with our fully customizable phone system. We work directly with the customer to develop and utilize custom voice solutions to fit their needs.

Soft & hardware phones

We work with many brands and services and offer hardware phones, software phones, mobile phone applications so you can always be reachable no matter the situation.


Thousands of prebuilt addons are available for our phone system customers. Yet if you can’t find the solution you need our dedicated team can always develop have it deployed

24/7 Network Service is a full-service telephony provider, meaning that we provide the phones, the phone system, and the phone service. We work primarily with robust, open-source phone systems, and we obtain our phone numbers from reliable carriers to ensure stable, low-latency connectivity. 24/7 Network Service phone systems help to cut costs while simultaneously improving productivity.

24/7 Network Service phone systems can provide the following features:

  • An array of office phone options, from basic 2-line phones to more feature-rich devices featuring configurable buttons, visual voicemail, and more.
  • Local or cloud-hosted phone systems with all of the features of a robust PBX (private branch exchange) system: advanced call routing, ring groups, call queues, voicemail, call reporting, IVR, call recording, and more.
  • Ring groups and call queues to ensure that calls are always routed to the right people at the right time.
  • Affordable, high quality phone service: we obtain wholesale rates through high quality VoIP carriers, and calls can be configured to minimize bandwidth or maximize audio fidelity depending on networking requirements.
  • Robust call recording servers, configured to record all or only a portion of calls and store them for any duration of time.
  • Failover to cell phone or land lines in the event of a network or power outage.
  • Advanced call center reporting notifying managers of call abandonment rates, average call lengths, call answer rates and other useful metrics.
  • Sophisticated web management console to enhance the usability of the phone system for managers and end users.

Most of our phone systems are built from the ground up using the open-source PBX platforms FreePBX and FusionPBX. For businesses demanding the highest levels of reliability, we also install hybrid PBX systems, which combine the reliability of traditional land-line systems with the features of more modern VoIP phone systems.